Politics, and Activism, and Parody, Oh My! Join progressive performer and activist Alyson Rodriguez Orenstein as she uses her passion for politics, performance, and pastiche to discuss

- state of our nation's democracy
- who we are as a people 

- how we communicate

- and what we each can actually DO in the face of potential disaster

Last Rants is a weekly discussion about America's need for true systemic change that also offers up suggestions for actions we can take at an individual level, and recognizes the need to laugh a bit at our ridiculous world. Will our democracy fall off a cliff?  Let’s talk about it! Every Sunday, the last day of the week, brings another episode of Last Rants: Musings From an Empire on the Edge!  

To better understand the lens we look at the news and current events through, we encourage you to start off by listening to our first episode, Prologue: Our Naked Empire.  In it we talk about what an Empire in decline looks like, if the US really is one, and what we hope we can do.

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To learn more about our host, visit her website: www.AlysonRodriguezOrenstein.com.

Last Rants is a From the Belfry Production. 


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Keep your eyes peeled, your mind open, and your heart on.